Korina was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Portland, Oregon, where she developed a love for landscapes, nature and the outdoors. After graduating High School, she attended Willamette University where she was a Carson Grant Recipient and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and Environmental Science. Although she studied art at the university, Korina mainly focused on darkroom photography and, therefore, considers herself a self-taught painter. She did not begin to focus on painting until after graduating, and, in 2017, she quit her full-time job and  centered her career on making art. Over the past year, Korina has spent most of her time traveling, hiking and working in her studio. Korina works from her home studio in Portland, Oregon.



I love being in my element and losing myself to the creating process. The moment that I walk into my studio I leave everything else out and begin to flow.

Korina Alexis



Viewers of my art immediately notice the texture and the use of color. I often get asked how I achieve such dramatic peaks and waves of texture, as well as why and how I choose the subject matter.

As a Pacific Northwest native, I am instinctively drawn to natural landscapes and my subject matter is a representation of the landscapes that I love most in my home region. My paintings are created by a technique of mixing vivid acrylic paint with gel or paste mediums to produce a high-chromatic, multi-textured image.

My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more fully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual or forgotten places.

Many people do not know this, but my area of study in college was darkroom photography and I had no desire to take up painting until I took my first course junior year and fell in love with the process. As a young adult, I wanted to be different and I felt that there was nothing that I could do that had not already been done in the painting world. It was not until I started playing with different textures and incorporating new techniques that I began to see all of the endless possibilities. For my senior thesis, I incorporated photographs with large-scale portrait paintings, but I still did not feel confident that I was creating artwork that was meaningful to me. After graduating I immediately began working full-time and did not have the capacity to focus on my artwork...

In December of 2016, after working at a corporate job for six years, I was unhappy, tired, uninspired, and bored.  I had been constantly daydreaming of creating again, and it was around this time when I had an enlightening experience that motivated me to reevaluate my career as well as the direction my life was going. I finally quit my job and focused solely on what I wanted to do - create beautiful, meaningful art. It took me six months to decompress and get motivated to where I could paint full-time. In the summer of  2017, I began working on my first collection that I call the "Eastern Oregon Series." Over the past year, my technique and skill as a painter have become more polished and I have become more confident and ready to take risks. I have discovered that I am happier and more relaxed, which has allowed me to create some of my most meaningful and beautiful artworks.